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Summer hats!


tea party bonnet 



with summer on it's way our thoughts turned to hats - and what better project to keep the kids entertained in these difficult times

we picked up some cheap hats at £1 a piece in 3 pastel shades in a local shop, selected our Decoupage Finish Gloss and set to work

 a 'tea party' theme for our pink hat would be perfect - in anticipation of some beautiful weather of course!

see how we did it below


 select papers or napkins which compliment your theme  this one was perfect for us - complete with cakes, teapots and vintage cups!  we decided to cover the rim completely - it's always a good idea to lay out your design first and use pins if necessary


 we gradually added different ideas until we were happy with the look!  we glued each piece of paper on to the hat with a thin layer of Decoupage Finish.   


once this was complete we finished with a coat of the Decoupage Finish all over to seal the design.   for fun, we added some finishing touches using Appliglue ribbons were glued on as was the ric rac  to complete the look


rafia decoupage hat

with spring upon us and summer approaching fast we look forward to getting out and enjoying ourselves again

we decided what was needed was a hat!

why not get creative and get prepared whilst you have time

with our paper napkins and decoupage finish we had great fun transforming a plain straw hat into a creation fit for any occasion




 so simple and effective!

Once we chosen our design - we experimented quite alot first with different styles and colours (see below)

We then set about using the decoupage to add the napkin flowers and create our look.

Our decoupage finish comes in matt or gloss - here we chose to use the matt finish.  Once we had stuck the flowers on we then finished off with a final layer of decoupage over the whole area.

 We finally used Appliglue to highlight some of the flowers and added butterflies, ribbons, buttons and a feather to complete the look



3 hats 3 styles!

racing at Ascot, a trip to Wimbledon, a summer garden party?





 agreeing on the style however was not easy! 


three of us cut out the flowers and proceeded to decorate the hat  -

but where one saw a huge array of flowers and colours found in the most abundant summer garden another saw an overpowering mixture. 

One preferred the more vibrant shades of dark blue and pink and another leaned towards the softer paler palet. 

One preferred to use more - another a more pared down version.


We couldn't agree!!


But then we realised that was the beauty of this - you create the hat for you