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101 appliglue uses - card making


card making


a 9 year old's Christmas elephant card!



use clear appliglue togther with templates, papers, foils, sparkle threads and so much more from the Spring Billet Doux card making pack

to create these Easter themed cards


these were made using appliglue with our 'billet doux' card packs - ocean, citrus & strawberry   


and these with our 'with love' billet doux pack with clear appliglue  


whatever the occasionuse coloured appliglue with fabrics or foils to achieve eye catching results


 halloween or firework night!


 a 5 year old created these wonderful mother's day cards using appliglue with our strawberry billet doux card pack



 use coloured appliglue with foils or inspirations packs for variation