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travel articles, maps, price lists & timetables adorn the walls of the

Four Corners Cafe near Waterloo


this is a great project for the kids - we decoupaged pictures of their favorite toys to these cans all ready for a toys tea party 

click here to see how to do it


we decorated this birdhouse using napkins and wrapping paper - we think the birds will love it!


supporting the team! - we used lettering available at craft shops and added napkins and wrapping paper with decoupage to create this - add a few buttons for a great effect!


have fun at Easter -  we used our decoupage with paper napkins and papers to create these fun eggs - the results were fantastic!


decoupage was used to great effect with these

beautiful summer lanterns - perfect for decorating the garden for a party



 Nova & Lorsten teke old pieces of furniture and use decoupage to create these beautiful pieces


       decoupage work by Elizabeth Leppan