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textile foils

textile (transfer) foils 


a wide variety of high quality textile foils which can be washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees

  • use commercially on textiles for screen printing
  • craft packs are available with hooks and barcodes for retail
  • in addition to textiles, use on most other surfaces including card, wood, acrylic, canvas, glass and more
  • for smaller projects like card making, scrapbooking and upcycling clothes and accessories, use with clear appliglue


select the size to suit your project or need


  • metre lengths are used by textiles design studios and art colleges
  • A4 packs are used by a art colleges and educational institutions that run workshops
  • A5 packs are useful for workshops and individual projects which require larger amounts of only one or two colours
  • craft packs are a selection of 4 colour co-ordinated A5 foils colour co-ordinated for themed projects at home