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appliglue instructions

 appliglue how to use it


hints & tips


  • Always practice your technique on a scrap piece before beginning.
  • Protect all your work surfaces and wear an apron or equivalent.
  • Check the flow of the glue on a paper towel before starting by squeezing gently, then wipe the nozzle tip and begin.  Work with a paper towel in your hand and use it to keep your nozzle clean.  Don’t shake the bottle, but ‘burp’ it at regular intervals by gently tapping the tip down on a hard surface to displace trapped air.
  • If the nozzle blocks, unscrew and push a piece of florists wire or an extended paperclip through the hole.  If it hasn’t been used for a long time, it may be necessary to wash the nozzle in hot water.
  • If you make a mistake, fix it immediately.  Take a cotton bud and gently rotate it into the blob to remove the glue.  With a paper towel under the site, dip the bud into water and scrub away any unwanted glue.
  • When working with little rhinestones or sequins, put a little blob on to the piece that you’re working on and then nestle the rhinestone or sequin into the glue.  If the surface has a lot of starch on it, scratch the surface lightly with the tip before putting the glue down.
  • When working with large rhinestones or wooden pieces and buttons, it is sometimes advisable to lightly sand the back of it before placing it into the appliglue.  Sometimes it is easier to put the glue on to the back of the rhinestone once it has been sanded.  Again, scratch the surface that it’s going to be placed on to lightly.
  • When gluing on to lace, place the lace on to a plastic sheet or old plastic bag cut and opened out.
  • When working on a t-shirt, jeans or any other clothing, take a piece of cardboard or a chopping board, cover it with a plastic bag and place it inside the item so that the back and front don’t stick to each other if the glue happens to go right through.


drying time 

       This will vary depending on the conditions of the working place.

       Touch dry in about 20 minutes. 

       Completely dry within 2-3 hours.




  • Appliglue is washable after 72 hours. 
  • Can be washed up to 40 degrees on a short cycle. 
  • Line dry or tumble on a cool setting. 
  • Iron on the reverse of the fabric. 
  • Do not dry clean or soak for long periods. 
  • Glassware can be washed by dishwasher (short low temperature cycle) or by hand in warm water.


final comment


  • This little bottle of glue is useful for all sorts of emergencies, fixing your shoes, your purse, your jeans, writing a message on to a bottle of wine with rhinestones, or on to a balloon and sprinkling with glitter.  Just jazz up a candle holder, a mirror, wrapping paper or t-shirts with appliglue and foil.  There is no limit to imagination – let it fly.