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blog - all sorts of eggs!

  last minute easter egg decoration


There's still time to have a bit of creative fun. All you need is a box of eggs.  You probably have everything you need tucked away somewhere in your home.  There's no need to buy anything.  Below are a couple of very different designs to help you on your way.  Have fun!  We enjoyed doing this so much.

If you want to paint them use any emulsion but blow them beforehand.  There are useful internet sites explaining the best ways to do it.  Otherwise just hard boil them and use fabric, napkins, photocopies or gift wrap that suits the project

The first four eggs below were created in no time at all with our decoupage finish which is available in either gloss or matt.  You could simply use a PVA glue but the advantage of decoupage finish is that it is nice and thick creating a seamless finish which makes the finished product look almost as though it's been painted. 

The fifth and sixth examples were made using appliglue.  Of course one could simply use appliglue to draw a design if preferred.


 with decoupage finish


This pretty printed flower paper design is an inkjet photocopy.  Cutting it up is a therapeutic exercise which is perfect when watching television.  Sometimes even individual leaves need to be cut off in order to create your own design to cover the whole egg click here to see how we did it



Here we used a paper napkin.  This is a colourful simple design to work with.  We cut out the shapes, placed them in position and glued.  When cutting napkins it is easier to cut through all three layers.  Separate and use only the top layer for the decoupage.  Afterwards we popped leaves into the spaces for an even more vibrant finish.  It's a quick and easy project.



On the left one can see the selection of papers used for this project.  The top left and right papers are gift wrap.  The one on the bottom left is a paper napkin.  Decoupage Finish works with all of these papers.  It isn't necessary to have a special paper for special decoupage.  You can create any look that you like.  Just be brave and experiment.  If it fails, soak in water soon after completion, remove and start again!



The tulip pattern was one from our Citrus Billet Doux which was perfect.  Here we wanted to demonstrate that Decoupage Finish could also be used on textiles.  It works like a dream and looks beautiful.  Remember, it can be used for both to glue and to give a good finish over the top. the more layers the more professional the look.


 with appliglue 

Here we've used more luxurious fabrics to create a more sophisticated look.  We started off with strips running all the way down and around the egg and then filled in the spaces.  Finally we finished off the piece with swarovskis. 


This is such a wonderfully quirky Easter egg.  Here we used  Appliglue demonstrating once again the this universal glue works on a variety of surfaces. The dicky bow polystyrene man has arms.  



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