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blog - april hay



april hay

Fashion and Textile Design BA Hons

Grays School of Art

Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Specialisms: Textiles:Print/Textiles:Fashion/Fashion:Textiles





I am a graduate of Textile design with a backround in photography, digital print and photo manipulation.  I fully believe that  science and textiles have a important role to work interdisciplinary and my work looks to build bridges and blur lines between science and design.

 My work looks to create a personal interdisciplinary analysis of the relationship between geological science and textile design. My extensive visual research was made possible by having access to the archives of the National Museum of Scotland, where thousands of minerals are kept in storage from all over the world. Through digital print and my own photography I have created a collection inspired by agate bands, the unpredictability of mineral growths and the often unnoticed details within geological specimens.



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