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blog - floral frame


 floral frame

we took inspiration from the garden in creating this frame

the flowers are cut from fabric then applied & embellished with Appliglue 

choose a similar floral theme or let your imagination guide you - old photos, newpaper cuttings, flags .....

we used Appliglue  but you can use papers or napkins with decoupage for a similar look





 We found an old frame and decided to go with a garden/floral theme.  We dug out some old fabric scraps to see what could be used.  This colour backround seemed to work best so we gave the frame a rub down and then a lick of paint.  The red 'poppies' looked great against the backround.  We set to work cutting and then working out our design before using clear Appliglue to apply them


 We built up the layers of petals, sealed the edges with clear Appliglue and then added finishing details   We used Sage Appliglue for the stems and leaves and then Black Appliglue for the centre