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blog - upcycled wedges


upcycled wedges 

a fun project for the New Year

recycle a pair of old shoes or buy some cheap ones and create your own style! 




 here's how we did it.........

 first select your fabric - here we chose this colourful print and cut out the images we wanted to use  we pinned our designs into place and moved them around until we were happy with the look
  we thought they needed something here for the 'back view'

before securing our designs we decided to add some foil to highlight and add sparkle.  Follow the instructions to foil using Appliglue and textile foils.


 see here the detail once it has been foiled



our designs are ready to be stuck into place using clear Appiglue



 for our second design we chose this fabulous animal fabric and again played around with the images to create this eye catching design 


Great fun for a party but you might need to change when it starts to rain!