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faq's for appliglue


q.   is the clear appliglue the glue, and all the colours for decoration?

a.   all of the appliglue colours are glues, so choose the colour that suits your need.  all of them can be used either as a glue or as a dimensional paint.


q.   I have messed appliglue on to my clothes, how do I get it off?

a.   wash it off immediately with soap.  if you have left more than a few minutes, it may well have become a permanent fixture.  dry cleaning may help to remove it.  always wear protective clothing when working with appliglue or else your clothes may become part of the decorative effect too.


q.   can appliglue be dry cleaned?

a.   appliglue should not be dry cleaned. 


q.   how long does it take to dry?

a.   at least 30 minutes depending on the temperature and humidity of the room and how thickly it has been applied.


q.   how long should I wait before wearing the item that I decorated with appliglue?

a.   it can be worn as soon as it is dry but the longer that it is left the more the appliglue will cure and the less likely it is that some of the embellishments may be knocked off.  it will simply last longer the longer it can cure.  we are the worst culprits though when it comes to timing our projects and find ourselves creating that little masterpiece at the last moment, so just be warned!  of course, something like a candle holder will be fine because it will continue to cure as we have dinner!


q.   how long should I wait before washing the item?

a.   it is best to wait for at least  72 hours before washing for the first time because this gives the appliglue a good opportunity to cure. again, the longer it takes before the first washing the better the cure.


q.   what is the best way to wash the item?

a.    the item may be washed at a temperature up to 40 degrees on a short, gentle wash.  if the item has sequins, rhinestones or large decorative embellishments, it is recommended that it be hand washed.  do not soak.


q.    the appliglue looks milky when it is washed.

a.   when it dries, it will dry clear


q.   should I shake or stir the appliglue before starting?

a.   do not shake or stir because it creates bubbles, which may splatter out as you're working.  it is good practice to 'burb' the bottle at regular intervals by gently tapping its tip down on a hard surface to displace the trapped air and bring the appliglue down into the tip.  check the flow of the glue on a paper towel before starting by squeezing the bottle gently, then wipe the nozzle and start working.


q.    what should I do if the nozzle blocks?

a.    unscrew the nozzle and push a piece of florist's wire or an extended paperclip  through the hole.  if the appliglue hasn't been used for sometime and the glue has dried in the nozzle, remove the nozzle and scratch out.  it usually comes out easily.  you can also wash it out in hot, soapy water.  the good news is that when the appliglue dries in the nozzle it seals in the rest of the appliglue so there is less chance of the glue drying out.


q.    oops, I have a little blob of appliglue in the wrong place on my piece of work.  what shall I do?

a.    fix it immediately.  take a cotton bud and gently rotate it into the blob to remove the glue.  with a paper towel under the site, dip the other side of the bud into water and scrub away any unwanted glue.


q.    what is the best way to glue a large rhinestone or piece of wood into position?

a.   it is often easier to put the appliglue jewel glue on to the back of the item and then place it on to the piece.  it may be necessary to lightly sand the item to achieve better purchase.  if it is going on to textile which has not been washed it is a good idea to scratch the surface of the fabric with a sharp item like a pin to make it more porous.


q.   what is the best way to glue on a smaller rhinestone or sequin?

a.   squeeze a blob on to the surface of the item it is to be glued to, and using either the tip of the nozzle or tweezers, push it firmly into the blob.  again, if the fabric is starched as many new textiles are, gently scratch the surface of the fabric first.


q.    how do I prevent the back of the tshirt/bag/stockings/dance outfit from sticking to the front when I am decorating it?

a.   take a piece of cardboard or similar and cover it with a plastic bag - a shopping bag will do.  pull it tight and tape at the back so that the front working surface is smooth.  insert between the front and back of the item and continue.