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faq's for transferglaze


q.   what is the advantage of transferglaze as opposed to decoupage finish?


a.   transferglaze is an extension of decoupage finish. 

  • because it is thin and plastic like, it can be wrapped around curved items more easily
  • if used straight on to canvas it will take on the texture of the canvas and almost look like a oil painting.
  • used on canvas in conjunction with paint and/or collage, it will add subtle dimension to the piece.
  • it can be applied on items with ridges or raised decorative areas.  because one is able to mould the film around the dimensional  areas it will retain the relief on the piece.


q.   how thick should the coats of transferglaze be?


a.   the coats can be as thick or thin as you  wish.


q.   should I paint each coat of transferglaze in the same direction or alter the direction?


a.   each coat should be in the opposite direction from the last    i.e. first coat horizontal, the next vertical and so on.


q.   how many coats do I need to do?


a.   it depends on how thickly you have applied each coat, but generally a minimum of 3 coats.  6 coats should be sufficient.  if the transfer is too thin and tears very easily it may be that not enough transferglaze was applied to the surface.


q.   which side of the paper should I paint with transferglaze?


a.   apply the transferglaze on the side  which has the picture.


q.   how long should I wait before placing the print into the water?


a.   wait until the transferglaze is completely dry and clear before soaking it in the warm water.  allow all coats to dry at normal room temperature.


q.   how long should I soak it for?


a.   soak it for anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  this is dependent on the type of paper and how easily it comes off the back.  on some prints one can just peel off the back but on others one needs to rub it off very gently with a finger.  be careful so that the film does not tear.  when all the paper has been removed the picture shows through the film.


q.   can I use the film straight away?


a.   it is possible, but be very careful that it does not tear when working with it. full strength is developed over the next 24 hours.


q.   how can I store it if I am not going to use it immediately?


a.   store it between two pieces of wax paper.


q.   what is the best way to apply the film?


a.   using transferglaze as a glue, the glue can either be applied to the back of the decal or directly on to the item to be decorated.  this depends on the size of the film and the shape of the item.  gently press the decal down into position with your fingers, and working from the middle outwards press out any excess bubbles.  be careful of stretching the film as you push out the bubbles.  remaining air bubbles can be pricked with a pin to release the air.  press the glue out and then press back together again.  remove all excess transferglaze with a damp sponge.