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news - december 2012

almost a month has gone by since the launch of our new website and our time has been spent tidying up those little glitches that one never anticipates, and of course, catching up on the day job. thank you so much to all of you who helped us by picking up the errors that had sneaked through during that initial crazy period. no doubt there may be a few more hiding in obvious "where's wally" mode, which we shall come across!

christmas will be upon us sooner than we expect, so over the next weeks, we will upload projects and ideas to inspire you.

from decorations to the dog's collar, from tiara's to shoes, from candle holders to fancy dress, surprise yourself with the versatility of our products. all you need are a handful of items to create a bit of magic and a gift that is handmade with love.

call it what you will - we call it creative therapy.