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news - launch Nov 2012



 welcome to our new website which has been a long time coming.

we are delighted to be up and running and finally able to communicate with you.   over the years we have got to know many of our customers so well and we look forward to growing the website with them online.   there are so many talented artists using our products, and we will be showcasing their work over the months ahead.   they are an absolute inspiration.   they do things one only dreams of, so prepare to be amazed.

so often we've been asked who runs workshops using our products.    we are beginning to list those of you who do, but in many cases are unaware of who you might be.    please make contact with us so that we can add you to the website.   if we have left you out in error, please forgive us.

look out too for special offers and sales which we will be able to offer on a regular basis now.    for the first of many, click on to  halloween.

finally,  parts of the website are still a work in progress, so if you spot anything that we've missed, or that you think needs a little more work, well, we'll just add it the list !