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news - Valentines - hearts for sale!


Hearts for sale! 

 We've got all sorts of hearts to help you celebrate Valentine's Day!

follow the link to our seasonal page for more products


 small heart beads with dots £1.30/30 or £3.85/100  medium heart beads with dots £1.10/20 or £2.40/50  small heart beads with hearts £1.30/30 or £3.85/100 small plain heart beads £1.30/30 or £3.85/100
  patterned heart beads (20mm) £1 for 5  mixed plain hearts (25mm) £1 for 10 small metal heart beads (10mm) £1 for 10 

heart tissue paper  4 xA4 sheets £1


heart ribbon 10p per metre

 heart box £1.95  heart bead box £4.75  heart stickers £1 per pack

 To order simply send an email to and we will send you an invoice and payment request