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500ml decoupage finish gloss

  • decoupage finish is an opaque medium, which on drying becomes transparent.
  • decoupage finish is available in a gloss or matt finish
  • to achieve a professional result embed the motifs by building up layers of decoupage finish
  • for a quick and easy project, one coat will do because the decoupage finish is thick.
  • all you need are sharp scissors and if your motif is very intricate, then curved manicure scissors are good. 
  • if the look you wish to achieve is casual and random, papers can simply be torn and layered over and alongside each other.
  • craquleure can be used over the decoupage to give an aged appearance
  • both papers and fabric can be used for decoupage


            download decoupage finish instructions only


                 download our decorative effects leaflet

q.   whenever I start a project I get nervous about the design and start to lose confidence.  what can I do to help myself?

a.    cut out all the pieces and position them on your chosen object to experiment with the design and balance.  if your project is going to stand up, then use removeable dots, tape or blutac as a temporary measure to hold the pieces in place.  place the item in the position that you anticipate it will be.  very often the balance will be different and this is the perfect time to make those changes.  for example, if you are working on a vase, you may find that the design has disappeared into the curve below and should be raised.  if you are still not 100% happy, walk away and when you look at it later or the next day you will know whether you like the design.  sometimes it's just a question of either adjusting one or two of the pieces or sometimes it helps to simply remove a piece.

q.   where should start pasting on my design?

a.   work from the centre of the design with a slightly damp sponge or cloth, gently smoothing out the excess fluid and bubbles.  remove any excess glue from around the edges.

q.  a couple of bubbles have appeared under the decoupage piece and I don't seem to be able to smooth it out.  I don't want to damage the paper.

a.  any remaining air bubbles can be pricked with a pin to release air.  either roll over with a roller or gently smooth it down as before

q.  do I have to wait for one coat to dry before applying the next?

a.  yes.  always allow the decoupage finish to dry well between each coat.  the time this takes will vary depending on your the temperature of your room, how thick the layer of decoupage finish is and how thick the paper is.

q.  how should I use the sandpaper?

a.  the surface you start with should be well prepared to ensure that you get the look required.   apply about 10 thin coats of decoupage finish to the entire usrface before the first sanding.  apply each coat in the opposite direction, i.e. on coat horizontally the next vertically.  gently sand over the dry finish lightly using  a very fine wet/dry black flint paper.   dip in the water and sand genly.  then wipe the the object clean with a soft cloth before painting on the next few layers.  it is important that the surface be as smooth as possible throughout the process.   

q.  how many coats are required?

a.  this is entirely dependent on the look you wish to achieve.  anything from one layer to as many as it takes for a professional look.  if you wish  the piece to look more embedded, give the piece further layers of decoupage finish.  the advantage of applicraft decoupage finish is that it is thick, so that you will need fewer layers to achieve a professional look.

q.  how should I finish off the piece?

a.  the simplest way is to use a clear furniture polish.  water based varnishes and resins may also be used.

q.  what prints and pictures can I use?

a.  the choice is endless:

  • leaflets, gift wrap, greeting cards, napkins, music sheets, labels, programmes, pressed flowers, stickers,
  • don't underestimate your own talent.  your own photographs are no doubt a treasure trove  eg your holiday, your family, your pets, your gardens or gardens that you visit as well as memorable events.  scan and print them out, preferably on a laser printer.  if you use a inkjet printer, the ink may leech out on to the paint brush.

q.   I only have an inkjet printer.  how can I prevent ink bleeding when I paint the print with the decoupage varnish?

a.   this is a difficult question and there appear to be a variety of suggestions to deal with this problem which may or may not work.  it probably makes sense to print on to a reasonable quality paper and to allow the print to dry properly.  then paint the print with white polish shellac which is used by french polishers and is sometimes available in specialist paint shops.  this is a fast drying spirit based varnish which strengthens amd protects the decoupage paper.  this makes the cutting process easier too.  use a soft bristled brush or paper kitchen towel to apply.  work quickly in a warm atmosphere.  clean the brush with methylated spirits followed by warm soapy water.  use this brush for spirit-based products only.

warning:  if you are going to sell on the goods you are decorating, be aware of the copyright laws.  where someone else has created the artwork, you may not use it for selling on without their permission, unless the picture is very old and the copyright laws no longer apply. 

the sky is the limit here!

  • a wide variety of surfaces can be decoupaged:  old furniture, a cupboard, a picture frame, MDF's which are available in most DIY stores, vases, lampshades, plant pots, trays, paper mache items,  files, filing cabinets, suitcases, postcards, glass and more.
  • get inspiration from the layouts in magazines, art pieces of your favourite artists, looking out of the garden window,  wallpaper patterns, quilts, and even a piece of ornate jewellery.
  • simply tell a story with your pieces of paper. 


Price: £17.95