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projects - appliglue jubilee tshirt


  appliglue jubilee tshirt



 here's how we did it .......



 We started with the idea of a union jack - but with a bit of a twist - after a bit of experimenting we chose floral and patterned fabrics  We find it works to lay out your design roughly to see  how it works - play around with different fabrics and ideas - you can amend or improve bits later  We found it very tricky to get the stripes in the right place so a little artistic licence was used but we loved the overall effect


Use the clear appliglue to attach your fabircs onto the tshirt.  We then used coloured glues to finish off and edge the fabrics to prevent fraying

We chose soft gold and lavender to compliment the fabrics

 Clear glue is used to attach the crown and then to decorate with 'jewels' - sequins and beads in this case!