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projects - christmas table runner

 appliglue christmas table runner




you will need 

1.  Dark plain fabric for the base 60cm x 30 cm

2.  Dark patterned fabric for the hexagons 30cm x 30cm

3.  Light patterned fabric for the hexagons 30cm x 30cm

4.  Card or plastic for templates

5.  Appliglue no. 6 clear

6.  Appliglue colour of your choice for edging the fabric

7.  Refer to 'appliglue instructions'




1.  Wash & iron all the fabrics

2.  Trace the template pattern A.  Transfer to card or plastic

3.  On the wrong side of the fabric, draw round the template accurately with a sharp pencil. Do not add a seam allowance

4.  Cut out 10 dark and 12 light hexagons from template A.

5.  Place the base fabric onto the cardboard and secure with masking tape.

6.  Following deagram 1 place the dark and the light hexagon pieces in position until the design is complete.  Iron if necessary.  The pieces should meet without overlap.

7.  Follow appliglue instructions.

8.  When the glue is dry, use sharp scissors and cut right up against the outer glue line, cutting away the base fabric beyond the hexagon shape so that the decorative edging of dried appliglue remains


appliglue instructions 

download templates