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projects - christmas tree skirt

christmas tree skirt






you will need 

  • a piece of plain fabric for the skirt - the diameter to suit the size required 
  • printed fabric
  • appliglue no.6 clear 
  • appliglue colour to edge the fabric eg no. 32
  • refer to 'appliglue instructions'



  1. Draw a circle on the plain fabric, the size required and cut it out 
  2. Cut out the motifs from the coloured printed fabrics
  3. Lay the motifs along the edge of the circle, each overlapping slightly.  Leave a small margin of approx 1cm at the edge
  4. Working from one side to the other lift up the motifs and using no. 6 clear glue down the motifs on to the base fabric.  Proceed as per instructions
  5. Once the appliglue around the edge has dried, take the scissors and cut right up against the outer glue line which will remove the surplus base material as well


appliglue instructions