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projects - crackleglaze boxes

 crackleglaze boxes




Applicraft Crackleglaze is a water-based glaze which, when sandwiched between two coats of paint, 

causes the top layer to crack, revealing the base colour below.  Applicraft Crackleglaze can be used with most 

water-based paints and is ideal for decorating from trays, boxes, frames to furniture and kitchen units


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you will need

  • item to decorate (in this case boxes)
  • Applicraft Crackleglaze 
  • clean paint brush 
  • two different colours of water-based paint/emulsion
  • varnish


step by step

1.  Using a regular paintbrush, apply one or two coats of the 1st colour paint to the surface and allow to dry

2.  Shake the crackleglaze jar well.  Apply a thin coat of Crackleglaze to the surface.  Wait until it is nearly dry but still tacky (20mins plus)

3.  Paint the second colour over the Crackleglaze layer.  The paint should be diluted enough for the brush to flow easily across the surface.  Do not over bursh any area twice, or the crackle effect will not occur.  The direction of your brush stroke will determine the direction in which the cracks form.



4.  The cracks will appear almost immediately.  Leave to dry for about 24 hours then seal your project with varnish.

5.  Wash utensils in warm soapy water.