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projects - decoupage jubilee plate



decoupage jubilee plate



 here's how we dit it.....


we started to think about our design and assemble our papers.  As luck would have it we found these crowns from a previous project!     again we decided to go with a union jack in the centre - a bit tricky to get right...
 gradually we built up the layers - at this point still just laying them out until we were happy


 once you're happy with your design begin to attach the elements with your decoupage finish - we chose the gloss version

 finally we added the '70s'
Once your design is in place then use the decoupage finish to cover the whole plate. This should be repeated several times to build up the layers and finish the project



  we are happy to include a few free adhesive crowns to help with your project -


just request them (up to 10) when you place your decoupage order