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projects - decoupage lanterns

 découpage garden lanterns


Napkin decoupage with lanterns, paper napkins and Decoupage Finish


A simple way to help theme any party.  Either find paper napkins that have the pictures to suit the project, or as in this case I wanted balloons and stars and when I couldn't find anything the right size, colour and shape, I simply cut a template out on an old A4 page and used napkins that I had in the cupboard.  I would have liked blue napkins too, but there were none, so I introduced blue into the colour scheme by cutting long thin strips of blue tisuue paper, and adding floaty  tails to the balloons.  I could have used streamers or ribbons!



Place the template on the napkin and cut around it.  Use a pin to hold it down if easier.  

Then separate the layers.  In the case of the yellow napkin only the top layer was used because the bottom layers were white.  In the case of the red balloons, I got twice as many because the bottom layer was also red. 

 Arrange the shapes where you want them to be.  Then remove one and with a soft brush apply decoupage finish to the lantern, replace the shape and paint over the top with a little more.  Don't use too much.  It's not necessary. 

Alternatively, paste all of the shapes down and then seal them afterwards.  Use either gloss or matt depending on the finish you wish to achieve.   If you  wiish, you can overlay one shape over the other and cover far more of the lantern. 


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