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projects - foiled christmas boxes


foiled christmas boxes



Acrylic boxes decorated using double sided tape, foil and filled with choccies

Double sided tape was cut to create a layered Christmas Tree. 

Then the top layer was peeled off leaving a sticky surface. 

Monet Foil was placed over the sticky tape with the shiny side up and pressed down. 

After a few minutes the foil was removed to reveal the foiled design. 

The trunk was created with a left over piece of the Rainbow foil in the same manner.




Acrylic boxes with glue dots and tree green foil  


 Place the glue dots in the configuration of a Christmas tree.  Position the foil over the glue dots colour side up, and smooth down all around the glue dots.  After a short while peel the foil off the dots and as if by magic the tree appears.

NB  Tricks of the Trade

It's better to use permanent glue dots than removeable

If the glue dots are old they may become a bit sticky, so put them in the fridge for a while.  It works a treat.






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