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projects - foiled christmas twig tree


foiled christmas twig tree 


A Christmas Tree from Kindling


 Choosing the pieces of wood. Laying out the Christmas Tree  The horizontal pieces of wood tied to main trunk on the back using red Christmas parcel ribbon.


 Turned it over and decorated it with little pieces of ribbon  Added clear Appliglue in the gaps.  When the Appliglue is clear and virtually dry, foil pieces were placed on the Appliglue. 



 Waiting for the kindling Christmas Tree to be hung up this weekend so that we can have a photograph!

These were rubbed with the finger and removed to reveal the gold on the wood.  If you miss the moment and the Appliglue is absolutely dry, use a hairdryer to heat it up and rub again.  In this case remove the foil  when it is cold.