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projects - mother's day card


mother's day card by Jenna

 (using Strawberry Billet Doux Pack)




With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought we would see what a 5 year old could put together with one of our creative card packs and a little adult supervision. In no time at all the Strawberry Billet Doux was selected, the scissors and paper glue gathered and placed on the protected table surface.  Little apron on and in a matter of minutes we were ready to go.

There was an initial discussion of what might be a good subject for a Mother’s Day card and studied the templates available in our pack.  These were immediately dismissed and I was told in no uncertain terms that a picture of a house was just what mummy would like.  I recommended that she planned what she would like to see on the finished card explaining that we were going to create a collage. She enjoyed the designing process and then started the cutting out. This is always a great fine motor control exercise.  A good pair of kiddies’ scissors is a must. 


With lots of glueing, and an equal amount of chat the picture was built up.  I left her to select the papers/fabric that she wanted, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each and was pleasantly surprised with how much she was drawn to the see-through piece of fabric.  First came the Sparklethreads, which are like a little bit of magic.  She helped me set up the ironing board and watched in absolute delight as it became a spangled web-like paper.  All it took was 10 seconds on a silk setting tucked between the folded template.  Soon she was happily cutting her way through it.



           She loved the foil too and immediately decided that it would be the sky.  Here we used it with paper glue. Then she decided that there wasn’t sufficient detail on the house, and used different coloured crayons to draw in the windows and door on the fabric.  



Sequins were added.  Paper glue didn’t quite do it for us, but that wasn’t a problem because we simply co-opted the Appliglue into the process and it worked a charm.  And then all the add-ons.  There was still quite a bit lying around.  What could we do with the wire – a flower of course, and here she got a little assistance from this onlooker.  She threaded the beads and I wound the wire around to create the leaves and stem!

      The following day the envelope was randomly decorated.  That was followed by a card for a baby and an envelope for a friend’s card.   -------           and there’s still a little left over!