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projects - pencil case upcycled


 back to school

upcycled pencil case 


 It's back to school, and who doesn't fancy a new pencil case -

all this one needed was a little inspiration and a bit of work to create MY designer model!!


 In my words ......


'My mom bought a denim pencil case for me but I wanted to personalise it.

  I wanted everyone to see how much I love horses.

 Now I'm going to show you exactly how I did it!

When I took it to school all my friends wanted to know where I had bought it'



my pencil case - needs a bit of work!! first I selected foils that i liked I then appliglued them onto paper to help with the selection
we placed some wax paper over the foils and ironed them on a silk setting   once it had cooled we carefully peeled off the foils  in the meantime we cut around the stencils (loveheart & horses)
  you see me lifting the clear film knowing that the foil is left behind with the appliglue  I had traced the outline of the horse onto the pencil case with the wording. Now i filled in the gaps with clear appliglue 
 eagerly I placed my chosen foils onto the sticky appliglue    again I placed the wax paper on top and ironed it  when cool I carefully removed the foils
   again the clear film is lifted and the foil is left behind on the appliglue  planning my name on the other side of the pencil case   foils are now in place and ready to be ironed



 the back


  I'm finished and i can't wait to use my pencil case!!