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projects - rudolf tshirt

 rudolf tshirt  

 nipping out the the shops to pick up your Christmas jumper is going to be tricky this year -

so we thought we'd try making our own (tshirt in this case!)

what a wonderful lockdown project it turned out to be





our design - we found this great reindeer template online, which we thought would work beautifully, and set to work selecting our fabrics - we chose pinks and purples but you could select more traditional colours  we knew we wanted to use different fabrics to create a patchwork effect so found it best to cut the template into sections making the cutting out of the fabric much easier   we loved the silver and purple fabric for the antlers - we pinned and cut around the templates and then glued them on to the tshirt using the main template to get them into the right position


tip - don't forget to insert a board covered in plastic inside the tsirt to avoid sticking the 2 sides together.  We loved the sheer fabrics with gold and silver stars so decided to  cover the head with a deep pink initially and then overlay with the sheer fabrics you could just cut one large piece of fabric but  as we wanted to go for the patchwork effect we cut the template into sections and used this to cut our fabric pieces. Tip - just use small dots of glue behind the stars to avoid it showing through  


once your fabrics are attached you can start edging the design - we used silver appliglue on the antlers - this helps to finish off the look and also helps prevent fraying soft gold appliglue was used for the ears and in between the patchwork fabric. We couldn't resist the pink fluffy nose to finish the look - plus a couple of buttons for eyes!  here you can see the detail of the finishing - we also used the appliglue to add some embelishment to the fabrics - above some gold dots on the ears and some extra dimension to the stars



 Happy Christmas!