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q.   what surface can I use the foils on?

a.    the foils can be used on fabric, wood, glass, paper, card, acrylic and canvas


q.   what can I use the foils for?

a.    the foils can be used for screen printing, textile surface design and embellishment, card making, craft projects, scrapbooking and upcycling clothes, accessories, cushions and curtains


q.   what do I use to stick the foil with?

a.    we would recommend applying the foils using Appliglue, however you can use any cold ‘tacky’ surface such as double sided tape, glue dots, fusible webbing or hot spots.


q.   how do I apply the foil using Appliglue?

a.   ensure surfaces are clean and grease-free.  Draw you design with clear or coloured appliglue and allow to dry (about 1 hour).  Place foil over design with shiny side up.  Heat foil with a warm hairdryer for 10 seconds and rub down with a clean, dry cloth.  The design will form a raised impression underneath.  Remove the foil and your design will be foiled.


q.   can I use a heat press?

a.   yes


q.   what glue should I use with the heat press?

a.   this will be determined by the screen that you are using.  Some of our customers use Appliglue with great success.  Others, however, find Appliglue too thick for their screen and so we would then recommend trying an alternative foil glue.


q.   is it better to hand wash or machine wash?

a.   the foil is washable up to 40 degrees in a washing machine, so it depends on your fabric and the reliability of the washing machine.  Do a test piece on your fabric and throw it into the wash on several different settings to gauge how well it washes.


q.   will the foils fade?

a.   the foils are hot or cold release and don’t fade


q.   what sizes do the foils come in?

a.   you can buy all our foils in metre lengths, A4 packs (6 sheets), A5 packs (10 sheets), or in our TX packs (4 coordinated colours).  Check the website for details.  We are also happy to supply a mixed pack. Just send us an email.


q.   what width do the metre lengths come in ?

a.   the widths are generally either 50 or 61cm, however a few are 45cm.  Click on to the colour of your choice to check.


q.   what is the minimum order length?

a.  1 metre is the minimum. The dilemma is that Royal Mail no longer accepts parcels this length, so it would have to be sent by courier.


q.   is there a limit to the amount I can buy on a roll?

a.   the lengths can vary from 10m to 120metres.  Should you have particular requirements which we do not have in stock, please let us know and we will see if we can acquire it for you.


When it's cool peel off the film on the top of the foil.  It will come off easily.