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today's project


 rustic pallet tree 

 we love to recycle!

here we found a great way to recycle old pallets left over from some building work

see how we transformed them into a rustic tree for the festive season



Start off by cutting your pieces to size.

Once cut we set to work - we used paint tester pots from a DIY store and watered the paint down slightly to create a softer colour.   

Have fun creating your own designs but if you need some inspiration here's what we did.;


For our star we used  a template to create the shape and then used clear Appliglue to attach the sequins. Our swirls were done with Anitque Gold Appliglue and we then added sequins for the next piece. 

Here we tried some decoupage.  We used festive paper, cut out letters and then added foil baubles and finished off with gold Appliglue.



Again we chose to decoupage the following layer - we found some beautiful paper and carefully cut out the Christmas roses.  We used our Decoupage Finish in matt 

to stick the images onto the wood and then to build up layers of varnish afterwards.  For a touch of sparkle we then used the Antiquie Gold

Appliglue to add some finishing touches.



  We love these festive baubles - for these we simply cut out the shapes from our foil sheets in purple, confetti and reflex.

We used sequins and Appliglue to decorate and then added the bows and ribbons using Antique gold Appliglue.

 We used a template to cut out our xmas stockings from some floral fabric and attached them with clear Appliglue.

We sealed the fabric with a complimentary colour to stop fraying and then added a few sequins.