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appliglue 30ml



available in clear and over 50 other colours

appliglue is water based, so no unpleasant fumes, washable up to 40 degrees

appliglue is a multi purpose, non toxic, water based glue which can be used

  • as a superb jewel glue
  • for most creative crafts
  • as a dimensional paint
  • to create fabric collages, wall hangings, banners and patchwork
  • for textile decoration and embellishing machine embroidery
  • creating fancy dress outfits and masks
  • decorating virtually everything from balloons to glass and gift wrap needed for parties
  • most importantly, for all those little emergencies when a little bit of glue that bonds most things would help

embellish, fix, festoon and decorate.   the fast no-fuss, no-sew way for creative arts!

even though water based, always wear protective clothing when working with appliglue.
if messed on to clothing and left for even a few minutes it may become a permanent fixture 



appliglue 30ml bottles

are a great size that fit comfortably in the hand

  cut the nozzle down to the size you require, either fine, or chunky.

please note: 

  • the colours of appliglue may vary on different monitors
  • photographic images of the colours of appliglue may vary from those that you view here. 
  • it is particularly difficult to show colours that contain glitter.
  • to match the colour to your project, send a piece of fabric or paper to us and we will return it with a swatch of colours that will make your choice easier

£3.25 each (£2.95 for Clear)

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