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blog - clare ormsby

Clare Ormsby


Clare Ormsby is a fantastically talented artist who uses appliglue in her work.  She is the 2006 winner of the Fox Art Prize.  She has held 

numerous solo and group exhibitions both locally in Jersey and in Europe. Her work is housed in private collections worldwide. 


'The door (titled ‘No Fate But What We Make for Ourselves’) was originally done for a National Trust property open day (8th September 2013) so explores the ideas of the past and future to tie in contemporary art with the heritage  setting'  Clare Ormsby

photos by Simon Robson





'Initially I would describe myself as an abstract expressionist however my work is continually evolving.  My 2009 collection

'Prophecies' comprised  large allegorical abstracts based on biblical and prophetic themes.  My latest solo exhibition (2011) entitled

'Perception'  featured 2-dimentional and 3-dimentional objects interacting with each other, and was all about the elevation of the mundane

into fine art.  This year I have been experimenting with introducing more figurative aspects into my art.  Over the last 12 years I have used

acrylic paints and appliglues to develop my unique paint/draw style which is the method I have used in all my work." Clare Ormsby