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blog - halloween 2018


 halloween 2018

the perfect time for a party - scroll down for lots of fun ideas 



we added a spooky theme to these glasses - simply take your design, pop it on the inside of the glass and then trace your design with appliglue

(we used templates from the Billet Doux card pack)

the kids will have huge fun and they are washable up to 40 degrees





 we even had some fun on our nails -

white nail varnish was used as a base in this case but you could try black or purple

(note that appliglue is only being used to add fun detail on top of the varnish and should not be used directly on nails)


for your cards & invites choose our brilliant halloween billet doux creative card pack which is packed with great papers, foils

sequins and halloween shapes all in vibrant oranges, purple and black -

perfect for creating a unique card - the pack also includes cards, envelopes, more goodies and ideas (including templates)



  you can team the billet doux card pack with our seasonal glues - our halloween appliglue pack contains black, orange and purple - or try

our flourescent glues - individual appliglues can be bought or splash out and buy the pack of 4 at a 20% discount 

or try our halloween foils - 4 goulish colours which we've teamed with the flourescent orange appliglue 



we had great fun creating these cards using appliglue and a billet doux card pack





time to decorate the house - we used decoupage & paper napkins to achieve this effect and then appliglue to finish off - easy peasy!


 decoupage & paper napkins were used and foils added to transform this mdf mask for a halloween party

and craquelure & beading were used to 
embellish this wonderful creation for theatre