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an independent coffee shop with a difference.


 A couple of years ago, out of the blue Gary, CEO and bottle washer of Four Corners Cafe, contacted us for a good, hard wearing pasting medium, and that's when we heard about his new concept coffee shop which he was going to be opening very close to Waterloo.   Down the line it's great see the vibey conversation pit they have achieved, and that is even before the coffee taste test!  It feels like home from home, a place to catch up, and definitely a good spot to plan a journey.  There will be a moment when you're at Waterloo, looking for comfortable, zany spot for a coffee, so search it out.  You won't be disappointed.  You may even plan your next holiday there! 

Very shortly another is opening - this time in a student's hall of residence!  What a great idea.  Below are a few pics of the tavel ephemera, typical of this independent coffee shop.  It is still in a state of chaos and you can see the wonderfully creative but messy "Work In Progress".  There is no doubt though that when it's finished students will find their way to this new coffee shop.

Read about it here in Andrew Weatherby's lifestyle blog

and visit  for the first time here at


Travel articles, maps, price lists and timetables amongst other papers make up the ephemera that will become the wall of the counter. Pasting has begun using the hardy Decoupage Finish Matt. 


There is no doubt that progress has been made!  Not long to go now before the opening. 

Time to add those finishing touches!


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