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news - Easter 2019

   easter 2019



we created this unique Easter card with the beautiful 

Citrus Billet Doux pack which  contains a yummy selection of papers, textiles, foils, sparklethreads and little goodies in gorgeous greens and yellows.

   along with instructions, templates and ideas to help you on your way

 as a special offer this Easter we have put together our Easter pack

 which includes the Citrus Billet Doux and 2 appliglues of your choice from

  Pistachio, Sunflower Yellow and Grass Green and saves you 10% on the normal combined price




or here we used the vibrant Spring Billet Doux pack to make these cards - perfect for Easter!


once we'd made the cards we tried our hand at using some Decoupage Finish to create this unique eggs!


we used fabric, paper napkins, inkjet photocopies and gift wrap with our Decoupage Finish to create thes fun designs.  

click here to see how we did it