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news - valentine's day 2013

Valentine's Day


with valentine's day fast approaching click on the images below to see what you need to create these



all you need to create these pretty hearts is our very useful 30ml clear appliglue and a little imagination .

in some cases we have used foil, and in another the sparklethreads and a warm iron.

what's more don't feel that you have to create your design on paper.

try it on textiles, glass, shoes, wood and even acrylic

or even superimpose the design over another




with one of our Billet Doux 'With Love' packs we created all three of these cards - and had leftovers for more!

you can see not only the papers, but also threads, feather, wire and accessories in these 3 cards.

here, paper glue was used in the main,

although my arm did occasionally stretch across to grab the appliglue - it's so useful and easy to use.

just think, with one of our packs you could plan for several recipients!

or simply

for a range of different events.

what a bargain.



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