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news - valentine's day 2014

 Valentine's Day

                                                      With Valentine's day fast approaching click on the images below to see what you need to create these




All you need to create these pretty hearts is our very useful 30ml clear appliglue and a little imagination. In some cases we

 have used foils, in others the sparklethreads and a warm iron. Don't feel that you only have to create your design on card.

  Try your design on textiles, glass, shoes, wood and even acrylic. Create layers.  Experiment.  Have fun.




Here we created some examples of what can be done with our Billet Doux 'With Love' packs. 

We made 3 very different card designs and still had leftovers for more!

Paper glue was used in the main, although my arm did occasionally stretch across to grab the appliglue - it's just so useful.

Initially we only had the black, red and silver pack, but customers have been asking for a pack with pink and a bit of floral so we've created it for them. 

  It's so pretty and makes for a totally different look.  We love it.  Thank you customers!

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 Create a vintage look heart in no time at all, and pop a little gift inside for someone special. 

This we did with our craquelure - here we've used a medium crack on a small acrylic heart box.

On the left we have left it plain. In the centre we added swarovskis which have been glued on with appliglue. 

  Finally simply add pretty ribbons and a gift - perhaps chocolates or even a ring!

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