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projects - ohio star cushion

ohio star cushion cover



you will need

1.  A piece of plain fabric 43 x 106cm

2.  Four pieces of patterned fabric;

               – Fabric D – one 11cm x 11cm square – dark

               – Fabric E – one 11cm x 11cm square – light

               – Fabric F – one 11cm x 11cm square – light

               – Fabric G – one 8cm x 8cm square – light 


35 cm square cushion inner


making up the pieces

1.  Cut  the plain fabric into three pieces: A.43x43cm, B. 43x33cm, C. 43x30cm

2.  Cut square E diagonally in half and in half again to make 4 triangles (fig i)

3.  Cut square F diagonally in half and half again to make another four triangles.

4.  Find the centre of the cushion cover by folding Fabric A in half and half again (figs ii & iii)

5.  Like A fold square D in half and half again.

6.  Centre piece D on the crease lines of Fabric A (fig iv) and iron out the creases without moving

7.  Carefully secure Fabric A square to your board with masking tape.

8.  Place the remaining triangles of fabric in position (fig v).  The pieces should meet without any overlapping.

9.  Starting from the top, using the double glue technique, glue the patchwork pieces in place by scratching a thin line of the clear glue along the underneath of each piece.

10. Place square G diagonally on square D (fig vi) and glue the underneath edge to secure the two.

11. When all the pieces are in position, apply the coloured appliglue around all the exposed edges, starting from the top and working in straight lines rather than completing one triangle at a time.

12. Leave overnight to dry before making up the cushion.  


making up the cushion

1.  Turn a 1 to 1.5cm hem along one of the 43cm edges of Fabrics B and C.

2.  Place fabric A down on a table with the patchwork design facing up.

3.  Place fabric B on Fabric A with the right sides facing and seam edges together (fig vii)

4.  Place fabric C in position with hems overlapping.  This will form a 43cm square. 

5.  Stitch a 1cm seam all the way round the outside edge of the cushion. 

6. Turn inside out and insert a cushion inner through the gap in the back of the cover.




 download ohio star template