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101 appliglue uses - quilts & wall hangings


quilts & wall hangings 

We created these because so many people told us they couldn't make quilts or do patchwork as they didn't know how to sew or didn't have a sewing machine.  We had such fun piecing them together and they have stood the test of time.  The oldest, Memories of Africa is 20 years old, the youngest, probably the Hands and Feet put together some 15 plus years ago!

This was a collaboration put together by Marti Trevethick, Hillie Reid, Nici Wilson and me.  What fun it was.  One day I'll find the photographs that tell the story and upload them too.  This hanging was based on an old National Trust building.  We wanted to create our own version of a tapestry using piecing techniques and embellishment.  Appliglue was our thread.  This hanging was created to demonstrate that something like it could be made by a group of people as therapy with little outlay.  The fabrics were donated by an upholsterer, the flowers cut out and a flower arrangement created. Twisted cord was used to make the basket.
This wonderful quilt was a collaboration between the 5 year olds at Woburn Hill, Weybridge, their teacher and me.  It was and excellent exercise in hand eye co-ordination and fine motor control.  It was fun.  I finished it off with Appliglue as they were still a bit young.  Following the success of the quilt on the right, and having discovered that different countries  had preferences for different designs, we couldn't resist designing a Christmas quilt which gets pulled out and thrown over the couch each year.  This 17 year old single bed quilt was put together only with Appliglue as a challenge to ourselves.  It was easier than anticipated even though we had never done patchwork before.  After hours perusing books at the library the choice of patterns was made and the fun began.

 all of these were made using appliglue - no sewing required!







Hilary Beattie uses appliglue colours discreetly to create dimension and highlight aspects of these beautiful stitched pieces fo artwork