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news - summer 2013 - getting ready



Summer is finally here! 

Time to dig out your beach bag and give it a new lease of life or mend those fiipflops ready for the sunshine




Use coloured appliglue to decorate bags, hats or even shoes and keep a bottle of the clear for those essential repairs; shoes, boots, bags

 or belts .........




 With summer came a new duvet cover for my granddaughter who decided that a combination of purple and black was her colour of choice!

The duvet cover was stitched on the sewing machine which was quick and easy, but then came the little extras.  By then, running out of time

and in need of somthing quick and quirky, my hand automatically reached for the Appliglue.  In no time at all a cushion and a couple of cute little

drawstring bags for all those bits and bobs were created and decorated with coloured Appliglue.   Each of them featured a scene of something

loved or memorable eg she loves the beach and all those beach huts, and likes to be on time!   Easy peasy Appliglue!









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