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Hilary Beattie certainly can talk!

but there is absolutely no doubt that each of those blogs is worth tapping into for inspirations, information on products and down to earth how to's.
Below is one of those blogs on Gelli printing which will stand the test of time.

Below Hilary B finishes off Gelli prints on canvas .. and shows how she uses the appliglue in her designs

   Here is where we had got to - prints all stuck to canvas with matt medium and sealed with the same. This is nice - but as a stitcher, I like extra detail and texture ...



So out come some supplies .. my neocolour 1 water resistant crayons, some coloured pencils - also water resistant and appliglue - which I love for making stitch like raised marks




 this area is not quite working for me .. it is too flat and a bit of maroon dye has done that naughty leaking thing again ..



neocolour 1 worked into the background



canvas right colour - bit of a splodge on leaves ..



more neocolour soon sorts that out and adds some depth


much nicer


I basically work over the whole piece like this with my crayons and occasionally pencils, adjusting colour, bringing out what I like and covering what I don't ...



then I turn to the appliglue



I use this for making rubbing plates, but have also discovered it is wonderful for adding raised lines and stitch like marks, either in places where I cant stitch (like into thick wood) or in addition to stitches for variety



you can leave it as is, or over paint, or colour with crayons ... here we have all the appliglue applied


and then I went back again with stitch. I use a fairly thick thread and a darning or chenille needle. Its not sit in front of the TV stitching .. but still pleasant and I love the extra dimension and interest it gives

you can see I have also added more neocolour 1 around the edges. Here are some details .. I'm doing these extra large, so I hope you can see how the appliglue and thread work so well together



 and the second piece






 We looked at using neocolour 1 on the bulrushes last time, but I did also add some appliglue lines on those too .. this is soft gold, which adds a lovely light shimmer 



and maybe you remember these passion flower leaves, which I just had to try on the gelli plate? Well, I kept the leaves and applied them to a prepared canvas with matt medium - which both seals and preserves them



adding in 'stems' and shoots with appliglue - this one is mink ..




ready for stitch now. And last update (for now) - a few post back I took you through mounting these prints and leaves on this canvas. I have now added stitch. crayon and appliglue to this .. and it is finished - ready for the show



 Long enough for today I think! - so here are just a few tasters of the work. I'll tell you lots more about that next time.  






Thank you for joining me - Hilary x

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