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Just look how we've used our textile foils to give a bit of a shine to our boots.

It's so easy to simply give a fresh new look to some old favourites.


Above is the same shoe.  The foils that I have used are the same (lime, dark brown and gold), but the one fabric is very different from the next, allowing for two totally different looks.  Just cut out pieces from different fabrics, try them on the shoe and see what you like.   I would have loved a bit of textured textile, but just didn't find one that I liked in the "loved textile leftovers" box.   

 and this is how we did it .....


 I picked up this shoe for a song, knew that I liked the workable shapes but not necessarily the colour.  Most importantly I could see it had potential!  In order to achieved the foiled look, working on a piece of card with an old plastic bag taped over it, I cut out a rectangle of black fabric. Swirl appliglue around it.  Using a damp sponge applicator I spread Appliglue over the surface.  When tacky, almost dry, place the foil shiny side up on the fabric.  When it's dry place baking paper or grease proof paper over the top of it and iron it on a low setting.  When it's cool peel off the film on the top of the foil.  It will come off easily.


Cut it to the shape or size required.  If it's an add shape it's a good idea to make a pattern with an piece of paper.  Pin it on to see if you like it.  Reposition it if necessary.  This is when you can try different fabrics and foils with each other.  Then, simply glue it on with Appliglue!  


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