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Jannine Knight is ready for New Designers 2015!


Jannine is a current Fashion Textile student in Somerset who is due to graduate this year. Drawing and designing is her passion and she loves applying her skills and designs to fabric through print and stitch. She gains most of her inspiration from nature as it never fails to inspire her with it's array of colour and organic texture. Her final major project has been heavily inspired by nature, particularly fish as she was drawn in by their texture, shape and movement. Initially she starts the design process doing rough sketches of imagery and then develops these into designs and pattern repeats. Within her collection she has combined both digital and screen printing so that she can create an interesting texture and feel to the fabric. She then worked back into her designs using textile foils to really bring the work alive and highlight certain areas within the designs. The theme was enhanced with the delicate use of foils on the shimmering scales of the fish and the hooks used on lures.



 see how Jannine has used brown, lime and silver textile foils in the samples below to highlight areas of the design & create these beautiful fabrics 



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