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  ali reed


Ali, designer and final year student at Banbury College, Oxford finds that inspiration comes from many different sources - but she is particularly inspired by texture, patterns and nature.  We love her latest work -  bright and shiny bugs on a variety of textures from fabric to wood and books!  

Ali also enjoys working with both new technology and old .  She finds that while the computer can give a designer a certain degree of control and can speed up the working process, it can become limiting, and feels quite strongly that it’s important to get the right balance.

  Screen printing is a skill she enjoys because of the depth, vibrancy and texture it can create on a wide variety of surfaces.  Above all Ali has a passion for book making which is plain for all to see and is demonstrated in numerous different ways in her work!


A hugely appreciated comment from Ali   " offers a great selection of foils in various colours and they are extremely helpful!"

 Thanks Ali.  We enjoyed the emails and chats and couldn't wait to see your final pieces.  We love your colourful bugs!


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