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Kim Thittichai

Kim is a textile artist, tutor and author based in Brighton, East Sussex. She is busy, busy, busy lecturing and delivering workshops internationally.

 Not only does she do the practical thing of teaching the "how to" use of the heat tools and heat distressable products safely, but she encourages her students to explore the techniques and products that she uses. Her videos are both entertaining and inspiring.  The one below demonstrates just how easy it is to "have a go".  Watch the hearts go on to the t-shirt with such ease and then create wonderful Christmas tees for the family.  Instead though, you could decorate with holly leaves, baubles, a deer, polar bear with shiny antlers, presents and even names! 

click here to see her demonstrate one of these simpler techniques

or see her demonstrate how to use hot spots

Below are examples of work done by her and her students. These show how creating slashes of foil can create an interesting effect.  In order to achieve this effect, use the side of the iron, at right angles to the work, rest the iron on the work (you  don't need to press, the heat does the work), and move left or right.  Always use baking parchment between the iron and the foil.  Remember, when the Bondaweb is painted or printed it is not washable unless fabric paint has been used. 


This student's beautifully detailed work is painted Bondaweb on black cotton, decorated with glitter, sequins, small pieces of organza and slashes of foil.  Kim demonstrates how she worked with a square of painted Bondaweb ironed on to black cotton and foiled with gold.  This was then used as a background to print on.  What a great effect.
In this piece you can see strips of painted Bondaweb on blue cotton, decorated with gilding flake, sequins and slashes of foil. Here one of the students has used strips of painted Bondaweb on black cotton which she has decorated with slashes of foil.


Visit Kim's site to see upcoming events 

She has a wonderful vibrant collection of textile foils which she sells online click here in conjunction with other products too.

Why not sign up for her workshops and enjoy a great learning experience in a wide range of courses.


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