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      Jennifer Gould from The Divine Company 


Founder and director of Divine Company, Jennifer has worked in the events industry since 1996. A Dance Studies graduate of Middlesex University, she also has a background in a range of circus and gymnastic skills and is an accomplished multi-disciplined performer, choreographer and costume designer. Jennifer’s role is to plan and create new work and oversee the design for all performances, from casting and choreographic arrangement to working alongside costume makers and stylists. She manages artists, creates and directs performance repertoire, handles all artistic direction and oversees the running of the entire company. Jennifer has designed and produced innumerable performances, travelled extensively, and created work in a fantastically wide range of environments.  She has a large costumes department with a team of makers, designers and wardrobe mistresses.  We are delighted that Appliglue is also used to help create these amazing dance costumes.


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