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blog - mothers day 2015


mother's day is just around the corner


But it's not too late to create something special without too much of a problem. Here are some ideas for you.


Simple and Beautiful

Here we have a cachepot painted green using a tester pot.  It was created with a photocopy which was cut out, decoupaged and craquelured.

Below is another cachepot which has a totally different colour and look but it is basically a similar project! The difference is that the black and white photocopy on the black cachepot has been painted with ordinary water colour paints.  Because all the shading exists on the photocopy you don't even need to be an artist!

And then remember, it doesn't have to be a cachepot, it could be a lampstand, the top of a stool, a clay pot or even an MDF drawer unit. 



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