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Delicate  design on Glass with Transferglaze.


Mary Yanke is a designer from Dover in the USA who works extensively with transferglaze on glass.  The designs are often intricate with fine detail.  Her pieces have images affixed to the back of curved glass trays, plates and coasters, an advanced form of decoupage in which she excels.  She timestakingly cuts out the various elements to create these wonderful collages and then finishes them off with layers of paint, gold trim and varnish.  

  We have selected a few items with beautiful flowers, bees and butterflies which you can see below.

However we simply couldn't resist adding the "crested ibis" which is part of a selection inspired by a design on a kimono!

This is a sneak preview.  To see more, visit Mary Yanke on maryyankedesign





Mary Yanke uses Applicraft Transferglaze to create

her wonderful handmade découpage trays, plates and coasters



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