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Clementina's Fish Shop

In 2012 Clementina Phillips, a talented young designer, graduated from the University of Creative Arts, Farnham.  Her final year project of both the swimwear and art fashion were displayed at the New Designers show in Islington, and we were amazed to see the delightful, fantastical sea monster design that had been created with the textile foils. Clementina's aim was to design her own range of swimwear in Australia - and then we lost contact.

  But now there's good news to report. 

 Clementina has created her Fish Shop range of yummy SeaSkins, SeaWraps, SeaCouture and SeaCaps. 
Combining her love for beach culture with the chaotic underworld beneath the waves, Clementina produces laser cut, sea-inspired textiles.  Her collection consists of digitally designed and printed swimwear and laser-cut couture pieces which combine to create beautiful wearable art creations.  These are both exotic and tactile, as well as beautifully crafted pieces from high tech materials.  The wraps, for example, are made from hand-printed silk and bamboo which acts as a natural sun protector!



Images of sea monster skin enhanced on photoshop and printed onto silk satin. To create a metallic look, the designer screen-printed speckled patterns of glue onto the reverse of the silk and heat pressed metallic foils onto it, then used fish scale patterns created in Illustrator to laser cut into the silk.



 The sea skin sushi is great for swimming, dance, or exercise.  It is manufactured from high quality, fine grade quality lycra and available in a range of sea monster shades!  Wonderful hand-printed silk bamboo wraps with rolled edges in a range of colours.  These provide a natural sun protection barrier.


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