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blog - name it!

 name it, mark it, find it

Coloured appliglue is a fantastic way to mark or name everyday items 

around the home.  these are the things we've tried.  What about you?


We named Ted's balloon!


Each of the children received a bucket to play with and take home at this beach party.  What a great idea. A great way to ensure you know which is your luggage as you wait patiently alongside the carousel


 ...... or use the different colours to mark anything from your keys to paint brushes!


We like to use the same paint brushes for each of the products that we use. There is always less chance of contamination that way.  We found this a useful way of dealing with the problem.  It became annoying constantly fiddling around trying to find the right key and it struck me that I could mark them.  Just remember to give them a wash before you start because constant use will create a layer of oil on them from the hands.  This school bag kept getting lost by it's  owner.  The teacher recommended that we put a large name tag on it near the top and it's worked a treat.   The letters are in black fabric with black appligue edging which is on edged yellow fabric.

 or in the garden!



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