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blog - butterfly tshirt


butterfly tshirt

 our gardening scene tshirt is still going strong - see the picture below -

but we thought it was time for a new one and we love this butterfly design!



 so easy to create your own unique shirt -

just some old scraps of fabric, a few coloured Appliglues and templates in various sizes was all we needed!


 Firstly we selected a few fabrics - we chose small floral designs as this seemed to work well with the butterfly shapes. We downloaded templates from the internet and adapted them to get 3 different sizes   We then set to work cutting and then laying out our design. Once we were happy with the layout the butterflies were glued into place using clear Appliglue   Don't forget to insert some plastic behind the shirt to prevent the glue from seeping through. We then sealed the edges.


   We used coloured Appliglue - fucshia, sweet green and lilac - to seal the edges and prevent fraying






 after much wear and many washes this tshirt is still looking great

see the original project below ........


gardening scene appliqué




you will need

1. A template of a watering can and tulips  (see below)
2. Fabric for the appliqué
3. Appliglues: no. 6 and colours to match your fabrics
4. A cotton based t shirt
5. A piece of cardboard covered with plastic



1. Cut out the tulips and watering can patterns and pin the shapes onto your chosen fabric
2. Slip a plastic covered piece of cardboard inside the t shirt
3. Secure the t shirt to the cardboard with pegs
4. Position the tulips and watering can in place.  
5. Starting from the top, remove the watering can and scratch a thin line of the clear glue along the inside edge on the wrong side .
6. Replace into position.                                                                                                                
7. Appliglue the remaining tulips in place  
8. Starting from the top of the design, apply the coloured appliglue finely around all the edges of each piece.  If right handed, work from the left of the picture to the right.
9. Leave your project to dry for at least 4-6 hours. 


hints and tips

  • When washing, turn the t shirt inside out and wash on a short gentle wash. If necessary Iron on the reverse side.
  • After placing the motifs on the t shirt, you might like to secure them with a paper glue stick.  Then try the garment on and adjust the motifs as necessary.  Proceed with the double glue technique. The paper glue will come out with your first wash.
  • A child’s colouring in book is a useful source for patterns.
  • This is a perfect opportunity to use scrap fabrics.  Cotton is always a good first choice.
  • Shapes can also be appliqued on to cushions, bags, greetings cards  etc.
  • Why not appliqué a square of crazy patchwork on the front of a sweatshirt 


download templates 


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