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 Spring Cleaning the Doll's House

With Spring comes the opportunity to decorate and do a little bit of interior decorating.  So, we gave this delightful chest a drawers an aged look which is right on trend.  What fun it was transforming it in no time at all.  And, what oohs and aahs we received from the little body who owns the doll's house.

We've moved furniture around and tried it in a variety of different places in the bedroom.  If only it were so easy to move the furniture around in our own homes.



Here  we used craquelure (small crack) to decorate this lovely little chest of drawers from a well known supplier.  The motif was already in place but if it wasn't, then there is no reason why one shouldn't simply cut out little shapes from gift wrap and glue it on.  Nail scissors are good for the cutting.  Remember that if using a magazine where the paper is glossy then it's better to photocopy it on a laser printer.

click here to buy craquelure small crack

click here for your top coat

Have a look at the pictures below to see how great it looks in the house!





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